Down My Rabbit Hole . .

Hey there! Welcome back.. yes, I’ve been AWOL.. I schedule some things ahead when I can.. that’s why you still get some posts.. you, my poor dears, have been neglected again.. me? I have been busy.. a lot of reorganizing and reprioritizing..

I’m thinking about this huge closet, how nicely it works as an indoor clothesline and how I still have too much unnecessary clothing!

Honestly, a lot of the winter clothes I saved for church then found winter clothes are too heavy for praise and worship in a heated building. So.. I’m going to keep 1-2 long sleeve shirts and give the rest away/use as sewing material (think fancy masks).

Then there’s all my summer shirts.. the ones in the closet are nicer, but I do seem to have a lot.. and I have many old ones for doing yard work, ect. … I need to sort and re-sort!! 👕

Actually, my intense need to clear this closet will work well with my #limitedspacechallenge!!

Ok, so beyond all that, I am “slowly” reorganizing our life to better accommodate Matt’s needs and to work towards our future as I prepare to retire [can you even in your wildest dreams imagine me sitting still for days on end? 🙃😂🤣🤪].

I’m not completely ready to share the changes as each one takes its own route as I implement it.. it’s interesting to see how these changes take shape, how much happier and more relaxed Matt is and how easy life is becoming..

Stay Tuned!!

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