Hello, my dears.. how are you? I’ve noticed I’m feeling over tired lately and a bit listless.. but yet maybe more tired of sitting and waiting..

I realized a few weeks ago that I wasn’t reading my Bible enough so deliberately added that into my evenings.. I am still in Genesis and God is still using it to show me so much one tiny bite at a time.. ⏳🙏📖

There is so much I need to/long to do and I am chomping at the bit to get started .. but then exhausted from all else I have on my plate.. 😩

Given the option and everything organized properly, I would leave in my little boat today.. I need the break of just floating along..

That realization having been said, I need to organize a bit better.. look at what I need to do next ..

But also, there is the single-parenting an amazing son with Asperger’s… yes, Matt’s such a wonderful son, but this isn’t an easy task and I have zero local support system (no tried and true local backup people).. I am slowly working on basic practical living skills (pls) that Matt already had but isn’t doing now.. and helping him to find direction.. find his own direction.. find a passion then find a way to make money at it! This is not an easy process.. there is the transitioning and all that any change brings in turning our lives upside down..

But, all of this will be so worth it in the end.. just need more time in my Bible and more prayer.. 📖🙏📖

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