Patience when I’m at the end..

This guy, he is my heart.. he’s not doing so well lately (pardon my grammar).. so I am tired.. trying to make sure he has the rest and space he needs to get better yet, at the same time, trying to rectify what went wrong.. and keeping up my 9000 responsibilities … 🥺

No, please don’t say you understand.. definitely don’t offer advice if you aren’t personally raising a child with autism.. just be kind.. ask if we need anything.. listen without judgement.. ☕

While he walks around exhausted from dealing with us all and trying to act ‘normal’, about all he can do is grunt at me.. maybe moan a little too..🙄

So, what am I doing? Well, we all (those who read every post) know I was already exhausted and still pushing ahead.. ..

… I am seeing this as a sign from God to slow down some.. regroup.. make things fun again.. yes, things need to be fun ...

….what is the purpose or point of life if your everyday pursuits aren’t fun?!! 🤪

Since Matt’s graduated High School and the park is well on it’s way to being a beautiful rural (in the heart of the city) place to live and thrive.. well, it’s time to focus on needed projects that can be made extra fun!! 😆 🦋🐛🐝🌿🍓

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