Hats Off to Special Needs Parents

Yes, hat’s off!! 🎩

Parents of special needs kids (especially single parents), we really take a beating.. we’re like a deranged Timex on gallons of coffee ☕☕☕

We had an amazing day yesterday! 🥰

There seems to be little middle ground, only ups and downs.. if we make it through till bedtime smiling it’s been a fabulous day and to be remembered.

But there are those days of refusal to cooperate, answers in incomplete/incoherent sentences, ect.. those are the hard days.. the days they shut themselves in their room with no air flow, no AC and you wonder how long till they come back out/do you dare enter to add the idea of not passing out in the heat..?!??🥵

No, there’s no retiring alone to relax on a beach.. there is retiring with a grown child who may need constant care.. or at least need for you to make sure things are always happy for them.. 🏖️

🥰🙃We love our goofy/gifted/crazy special needs kids.. and you better not forget that! 🤪🥰

🥱But we are really really tired.😴

What can you do? Be there to listen. .. don’t offer advise unless asked… don’t judge. .. include us .. always have good coffee ready.. ☕🥰


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2 responses to “Hats Off to Special Needs Parents”

  1. socialworkerangela Avatar

    Well said… i see you and i know your doing all you can for you both to have a great life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ☺️.. it can be overwhelming, but is still rewarding


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