🌱Joy Dare ⛵ July 1-7, 2021🧼

1st~ 3 gifts loved… 🥰 hope He gives me, 👛changes only He could orchestrate, 🤔challenging me to move forward

2nd~ 3 gifts read. .. 📗care plan, 📘journal, 🦝breeding data

3rd~ a gift in faith, family, freedom.. 🙏prayer time, 🤗hugs, 📖access to His Word

4th~ a gift in red, white and blue.. 🩸His blood shed for me, 🧼my soul washed clean, 😧His suffering

5th~ 3 gifts of persistence.. 🎖️winning, 📚learning, 🌱growth

6th~ 3 gifts of enthusiasm.. ⛵moving forward, 🏞️ planning, 🧰acting on it all!

7th~ a gift of challenge, conflict, change.. 🍳easy meals in a challenging situation 🥗, 💦paying a bill when it’s twice been refused, 🙏breathing in and letting Him have more control

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