Playing 1610

A Summer Landscape with Harvesters.. about 1610

Have you ever played “1610” with your kids? It’s loads of fun, especially watching them figure out what to do!!

How do you play this game?

Pick a year.. any year before electric, ect was invented.

Now, for the duration of the game, all you’re allowed to do is what was available in that year.

So, they may not turn on lights, use the stove/oven/fridge, no radio/TV/video games… No running water either..

But, they do need to figure out meals.. Can they forage wild edibles or pick something from your garden? Then build a fire (without a lighter) and cook all meals. Heat water after to wash dishes. Is there a nearby hand pump or clean creek for water? Maybe use bins to collect rain water..

How many days can your family play this game successfully?!!

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