Homeless Compassion/Solution


Homelessness.. this is a real and continuing dilemma across the US and, really, around the world as a whole.

Here, in Toledo, Ohio, we don’t see too many homeless encampments as the homeless have mostly managed to keep these hidden. The camp in the picture is in town. It’s been there a while.

🗺️In looking at our local map searching for unused land that could be used for an organized (an agency/church) for a homeless camp I noticed this area. It’s within walking distance of the camp shown. It’s a nice wooded area between the railroad tracks and the river. Some is steep but could be terraced for rent sites and gardens. All work could be done by the camps new residents.

Here’s what I’m thinking.. 💭

Yes, some homeless would rather have traditional housing. But not all homeless fit into that tidy box.

What if unused land was set aside for a carefully managed camp?

  • Sites for tents
  • Meal prep area
  • Community gardens where they can grow to eat/sell
  • Small farmers market type setup

I saw (on YouTube) a homeless camp run on the same premise and it did well. It had required work hours as well as rules. It offered community and security to those whom lived there.

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