Ramblings as I Chug Along . . .

Good morning, all!! Hope you’re doing well and your day is blessed. . . . I have been missing our rambling chats so thought I’d share today . . .

So, looking ahead and wondering. Obviously it’s all going to collapse again. The government isn’t going to fix it. At least not the current administration. They may hand us all more free money to pacify us and glass over our eyes while they instate more craziness. Their prime goal is to make us more dependent on them.

How many will wait until the economic mudslide begins to get ready? I would say, most.

For my family consistency is critical. If I see we’ll have to make changes down the road I must begin those changes today. So learning to live off what we have/find/can barter has to remain an ongoing way of life. I have to make sure this all goes smoothly. I can’t allow for glitches where there may be a need for Matt to shut down for an undetermined period of time.

Where will you be? Will your family be ready?


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