When You Can’t Get a Doctor Appointment . . .

Have you thought ahead about medical in the event of a disaster, martial law, ect? What about dealing with when you’re really sick or in pain and your doctor won’t take it seriously?

It can happen. It happened to me.

What is your game plan?

Yes, you should definitely keep your current appointments, but..

My sincere suggestion would be to get some medical training.

⛑️Take a good first aid course.

⛑️Check out some library books about herbal remedies.

⛑️take a class on Future Learn

Then, do some test runs with your doctor. Let them know when you don’t feel good and see how responsive they are.

That may be the most important item. I was, years back, in a situation where the doctor I was stuck with (my medical care was through a health department in another state and the staff were very controlling) refused to authorize the care I desperately needed. By the time I was able to get care my iron level was at 5.3 and I needed five units of blood pre-surgery!!

Don’t let this be you.

Get some backup knowledge.

Get your health needs in order.

2 responses to “When You Can’t Get a Doctor Appointment . . .”

  1. Good health care is so important. Diabetes runs in our family, so we’re very tuned in to the importance of self-care. Doctors matter a lot, too, but ultimately, we’re the ones who care about our bodies the most. : )

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