🚪Celeste Post-Apocalyptia pt 12~ Another Tunnel?🏞️

Sitting quietly on the steps Celeste begins to doze and is back eating the bacon and eggs that kind cook offered her. Deeply inhaling, sighing and licking her lips she suddenly wakens and realizes how utterly vulnerable she’s left herself! 🥺

Off in the distance the sinking sun set a feather cloud aglow like a random escaped rainbow. It reminded Celeste of the colors of the sky that week if the EMP.

As they went about their lives, wrapped up in keeping enough of the latest face masks handy, Celeste had felt oddly held at gunpoint by the whole thing . The masks weren’t for the EMP, but maybe should have been. No, the masks were for the endless plagues set upon them. And no mask design ever seemed to be right. The rules and criteria kept changing. This wasn’t good in a world where there were no more supplies to be bought. But, nonetheless, there was always someone claiming in a street corner that their design was the only safe one and to Buy Now or perish!! It was unnerving. 🤔😷

In the early days post EMP food was abundant. Then, grocery stores and corner markets emptied. So many had barley a week’s supply if food at home that people became desperate.

As Celeste felt the breeze pickup and notices the light aroma if rain in the air she rose and turned to climb the stairs in search of shelter. Looking up Celeste noticed, under the soft petals of a forsythia bush what appeared to be a small door.

She stops, amazed, and remembers that long ago 1st tunnel she found. “I’ve got this!!”, Celeste thinks and carefully finds her away around the bush to the far side watching to cover her tracks.

15 responses to “🚪Celeste Post-Apocalyptia pt 12~ Another Tunnel?🏞️”

  1. A most fascinating read! Finding our way through life can be tedious! Thank you so much for joining in.

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    1. Thank you for reading, commenting and posting great prompts!! 🤗🦋🐝🌼

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    1. Wow, I am truly honored and blessed for such a consideration 🤗🐝🦋🤗

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      1. Thank you as well. Have a beautiful weekend! xx Michael

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      2. You’re welcome 🦋🌼

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