Want Me to Still Link?

Hey all .. as most of you know, the WP storage I paid for June 22nd is already about 75% gone. I’m not paying them for additional storage that will also run out quickly if I just have fun and don’t count every last pic for storage use.

And, trying to focus so much on making money to cover storage expenses has taken all the fun out of blogging. 😐

I sat down over several days and really rethought it all. I even considered just quitting writing altogether. 🥺🤪🥺 I looked at options for different platforms, costs, benefits..

All this said, I’ve decided I have to go back to Patreon. I’d love for all of you to follow me there http://www.patreon.com/karenjoyce 🤗🥰🤗 .. the site is set with free posts as well as tiered patron-only posts.

As I continue to write I’d love to still use all your crazy-incredible prompts. You’ve really been an inspiration and helped my writing grow! I realize that I may not be able to be listed as having linked-up, but really that’s not a priority for me. I love your prompts and would love to send traffic from my Patreon site back to all of you 🤗✍️

Please, let me know in the comments if my linking up will be unacceptable so I can make sure I don’t.

Hugs and keep on writing 🤗✍️🤗


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