Paddle the Pond

Welcome back! Glad you could join us!!

We’ve come to W.W. Knight Preserve to participate in Paddle the Pond. On Matt’s first attempt at getting into the canoe he ended up in the water and had to swim ashore. No harm done and we all had quite a chuckle!!

Matt took to canoeing right away . . yes, I agree with him . . he just may be part fish. See him in action here!

He paddled away and maneuvered himself around the pond quite well.

We may come fishing here sometime!

Pond water:

Having a good time paddling around . .

Another video of Matt paddling here.

Pond water is full of life . .

This is a tiny preserve but packed full of fun!! A final video of Matt canoeing here.

2 responses to “Paddle the Pond”

  1. Glad your having fun! It sounds awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We really did, thanks 😁


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