📖 Matthew 10 🙏

Bible study at 4am is a different critter altogether . . more in-depth. . but also harder to read the teeny tiny print in my compact Bible! I chose this chapter as it’s mentioned in chapter 8 of “The Assignment: The Dream and The Destiny”. Actually it mentions Matthew 10:11-14 but He instead led me to verses 5-8 with a look also at verses 2-5.

He was careful whom He chose for his inner circles and He gave clear assignments to serve those the world no longer had use for.

This lines up with my heart for the homeless.

And it reminds me to be very cautious who I allow to get truly close to me.
Points well taken ..

Amen and amen! 🙌

2 responses to “📖 Matthew 10 🙏”

  1. Amen! good that you were able to study!

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    1. Yes, I really needed it!! 🙏💜🙌


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