Princess Serenity

When King Sporad’s daughter, Serenity, was born she was greeted with laughter and love!

King Sporad and Queen Delight had been praying for a sweet baby to bless their home up in the trees. 🙏

Little did they know the beautiful heart of baby Serenity would amaze the entire forest! From the beginning she was a wonder you behold, tender with all the forest creatures much like the way Snow White was and building a bind amongst them that had never before existed.

photo courtesy of Hector M. Lopez

When Princess Serenity was born King Sporad appointed an army of newly hatched caterpillars to become Serenity’s ladies in waiting and guards.

As Serenity grew the challenge was keeping one as sweet as she from being hurt. Like any community sharp tongues wagged with no end in sight.

King Sporad and Queen Delight did try to keep the forest in check but it would be folly to think all would obey.

One night, right after bedtime, Princess Serenity took a notion to take her favorite doll and spend the night at the foot of the mightiest tree in the firest. This tree, a simbgonblin tree, was in the exact middle of the forest and covered with new fresh flower buds too many to number! 🌺

As Princess Serenity settled in an old fence post, rottens and beyond repair, that had been carelessly tossed into the tree, slipped and landed right next to her head!! It score the ground severely and left Serenity sore and stunned from the force of the fall and the way it shook the earth.

Immediately the caterpillar army sprang to life and firmed a shield strong as a tank around the dazed Serenity!!

Once the palace doctor assured all the princess was fine, just a bit dazed and sire, King Sporad declared that today would be a day of rest in the kingdom. Then, tomorrow they would get tough with the errant humans who’d upset the balance and safety of the kingdom… The human population would soon regret the damages they’d created in all their yesterdays….

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