Rambling from the Homestead…

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat.. I’m so behind on blogging, well, more specifically, sharing with you where I’ve been and where I’m headed… with all that was/is again on my shoulders, I’ve been exhausted

I am so missing Elan, even the teeny tiny head!! 🚽 I know we will eventually have a sailboat again, so I am being patient..

I’m loving fresh eggs daily! The rich yolks if our brown eggs are scrumptious 😋

Bathing with chicks has good and bad points. 🐥Yes, they are sweet and these two really got attached to me.. but… they do create quite a mess in the tub. 🛀

Where am I headed? New adventures do await.. I am resorting everything I own in preparation!

And, yet, not knowing for sure what’s coming… well, I must begin getting ready for, what appears to be, a bad winter ahead…

Time to hunker down, stack firewood, finish trailer repairs… Settle in for a long harsh, cold winter ahead…


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