Preparing for Winter 2020

My chickens back when I was almost 100% prepped!!

Winter is coming and it looks to be a long and seriously cold winter.

Then there is the pending election and devisive social issues..

Add to that flu + covid-19…

Are you ready?

As the winter winds blow in do you have an alternative heat source ready?

Post-election… are you ready for riots worse then we could dream about? Civil war? Open season on Republicans (saw that on fb)…?

Me? I’m not ready for any of it..

I have a few chickens, but no backup feed…

A few groceries, but not the 2 year supply I had in Illinois..

We don’t even have a furnace, much less a backup heat source…

I do feel like living in Toledo has been a huge step towards safety.. even though we live in the middle of a really bad area, our mobile home park is super quiet and very safe… and Toledo just isn’t a volatile city. It’s a true melting pot. Yes, there are still racists here. They’re everywhere. But the majority of people here like others for who they are not the color of their skin, ect.

The election… Wow, what a mess!

With Trump sick and Biden incapable of coherent speech IMHO… are we even looking at a viable election??

Do we vote based on:

Trump vs Biden or Pence vs Harris?

Can we even legally have a real presidential election with our standing president down with covid-19 and his opponent lost somewhere in dementia IMHO?

What if we just postpone the election a year… See how Trump comes back from covid-19 and make his medical evaluation public… Get a nonpartisan dementia ect evaluation of Biden and make the results public… Then decide, as a country, who is best suited to serve us as our president paid from our wages taken in taxes.

All that being said, are you ready for all that can be Winter 2020?

2 responses to “Preparing for Winter 2020”

  1. Nope! I’m not near ready! I did get my flu shot though, so that is something! I just hope I wont get very sick!

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    1. So much is up in the air.. after the election is final the dust will finally settled.. whatever comes of it, I want to be ready..
      I suppose there will be more toilet paper stockpiling 🧻😂🤣🧻🤣😂🧻

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