šŸ’”Bionic SpotlightšŸ’”

I found this for $11.99 on clearance at Kroger’s on Monroe St in Sylvania. I bought my other one for $20 at Family Dollar so this was a great find!!

These lights are so nice.

Every time someone walks past they turn on!

Bright light right on them.

Trespassers stick out like a sore thumb in your yard..

Then… a red light flashes .. as though they are on video .. I’ve had more than one comment on us recording what goes on around our home!!

Basically, this little solar motion sensor light will make your neighbors nervous.

2 responses to “šŸ’”Bionic SpotlightšŸ’””

  1. Awesome! At least you’ll be safe! Looks great! <3

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    1. It’s so neat!! And freaks people out too šŸ™ƒšŸ¤©šŸ˜

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