🧐What if Biden Wins? 🤔

What if something really weird happens and Biden wins?

What if all the free stuff for everybody starts again and our economy already can handle it?

And he puts us into a serious lockdown martial law and all that crazy crap?

So here’s kind of my take on it..  my perspective…

I voted 🇺🇲

I hope you all voted 🗳️

So I’ve done my part to try to ensure that we keep going forward but you know at some point that’s all I can do

But if Biden wins…

My bet is he’ll lock down the whole country indefinitely as his first order of business..

🛒 Are you stocked up?

Not just on TP 🧻

*one roll/person/week is how to calculate how to stockpile that*

🍅What about basics for home cooking? 🥞🍞🍝

🧽 Cleaning supplies? 🧼🧴

What else could be helpful if we end up under martial law to keep us from catching covidity, ect?

Even if he doesn’t lock us down (I’d be mighty surprised), what about what he’ll do to the economy?

Are you thinking ahead about how you could make 4 years of Biden work in your favor?

We don’t have to like how it plays out, but we do have to find ways to make it work for moving our own families ahead.

Are you stocked up on seeds for next springs’ vegetable garden? 🍓🍉🍅 Time for your kids to learn how to prep the ground ahead for a garden!

Is your perimeter secure? Maybe now is time to add a beautiful and thorny rose hedge to dissuade unwanted visitors!

And all the coming freebies??

I am not for these, but we may have them regardless.. at least until 2024..

If hit with basic income, stimulus checks, ect…… use it all wisely…

Praying, always praying Trump wins…

Preparing for the worst.

2 responses to “🧐What if Biden Wins? 🤔”

  1. I hope the best person wins! I’m not a fan of trump myself! I’m not in the US though, but I just dont like how trump acts when he’s on tv and or tweeting all sorts of crazy things! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He needs a Public Speaking 101 class.. but I do like where he’s taken us so far.. I’ll never agree 100% but the results do pan out


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