📖Where Am I in Bible study/reading? 📖

Hey there and welcome back! I haven’t been sharing a lot on here about my personal Bible study and reading. Although I know I should I must say the last few weeks have been more if a personal journey with God that I’ve chosen not to share.

Not to be selfish, but it was personal.. a lot/most if my reading and study has been intense learning along with pastor’s I follow on YouTube.. and, honestly, a lot God is showing me is totally 100% relevant to my walk and my struggles.

I am still walking the oath if marriage restoration and it can be a bit rocky sometimes. He is still in Indiana so we have a virtual marriage for now. God is teaching me a lot about trust in Him through this process.

I’m still not sure when Hector will be physically here and have learned not to ask as that seems to stress him. So.. I am leaning back.. and trusting that the same God who restored a marriage that ended in divorce in 2002 will also bring Hector here to us when it is time for that.

In the meanwhile…

Genesis 29:20 is what God showed me today…

20 Jacob worked for Rachel for seven years, but it seemed like a few days because he loved her. 

He showed me that Hector is working to get himself to a place where he can return and I must continue to live, encourage and respect him while waiting patiently and keeping things going here.

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