A New President…

Whether we agree with the election results or not, we have to move ahead.

Yes, I know .. I agree.. there’s no possible way Biden won in ethical/legal terms.

Yes, we definitely need to stand up and say how we feel..

Funny how democrats say we need to quit being divided, yet they refused to cooperate with President Trump these last four years..

just sayin…

We each have to follow our conscience… Prayerfully 🙏 with serious discernment ..

We can survive the next four years.. we survived the Obama era, right?!!

Tighten our belts.. be ready as the giving away of so much free money, ect is all a scary house of financial cards doomed from the get go..

Yes, I will probably qualify for some stuff democrats are going to give away.. I’m so far below the poverty level ..

If you’re like me and qualify, use it wisely! When the stimulus checks and basic income start use it to set a seriously solid foundation for your family. Preplan it now!!

But also, look ahead..

Houses of cards always collapse. 🃏

What do you need to do to be ready? Look to Venzuela and plan ahead.

Election 2024?

Begin to support Trump now. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

Keep in close contact with your local and state elected officials. 📝Write and call.☎️ Support our country’s future with your time, talents and money as much as possible.

🙏How would Jesus want the US led? 🙏

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