Patience and Sincerity

Patience… Yes, it’s important.. and I’m in such a perpetual state of learning ever more patience..

Patience in unfair situations.. ⚖️

Patience in marriage.. 💒

Patience as a parent.. 👦🏾

Patience in waiting on God to move in my life..

But, in all this needed patience, there is also the need to not be a doormat. 🚪

I have to keep this in mind …

Yes, I need to continue to grow in patience..

I also need to tighten my circles..

I’ve begun to really take stock of my situation.. stepping back 100% .. no longer assuming anyone is truly on my team or wants me on theirs..

I’m noticing the true deficit in people who actually sincerely care about me vs those who pretend… .

Ever stop to notice who asks how you are and if you need anything!

It can happen.

My son with asperger’s does this…

He, my sweet Matthew, is my circle. He is the one person who sincerely cares about me. It’s good to have Matt in my circle… it’s a solid circle. We both know we can count on each other.

This has made me more aware … I’m making more of an effort to ask about others needs and.ask.what.they.need…

I don’t think I’m in anyone’s circle but Matt’s and that’s ok… and I’m definitely ok with such a small circle… better small and sincere.

How do your circles look?

Update: after a good night’s sleep and some prayer I can say that I do have a couple long distance people, Pastor Bob, Nancy Stone-McIntire and Bee Halton, who ask how we are and sincerely want to know. Their caring and prayers are appreciated. 🤗🤗🤗

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