⛵📖Flush It?!! 🙏⛵

Do you just flush it? How is this business handled?

God speaks to you in that way He has and you know in your heart where you’re headed and why.

But, not everyone can join you..

Yes, you’ve seen that myriad times on facebook.. God is taking you to the next level and not everyone can go with you.. you have to let them go..


But, before you panic completely, remember that although you might try to guess only each person and God are 100% sure what their personal relationship with Him is.. don’t pretend you can guess that.. that’s dangerous territory of judging 🧐

While you prepare simply enjoy those around you and encourage their growth..

And listen closely for God’s voice on their place in your future..

He has spoken to me on this repeatedly and it’s hard to hear.. but I can see that He is right as always! Not everyone can go with me to the next level.

He has a plan and adventure ahead for me that will require a certain relationship with Him and a level of selflessness that not many will have..

Amen, Lord, here I am, getting ready 🕊️

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