🚱 City of Toledo Shuts Off Water to 54 People! 🚱

On February 2, 2021 the city of Toledo, Ohio shut off the water to 54 innocent people. 👶🧒🏼

During the covid-19 pandemic .. 😷

Children, some special needs..

Seniors.. 👵🏻👴🏻

Young families..

People who took an opportunity to start over and own their own homes. Who invested countless hours in renovations and repairs. Who planned on a nice summer and a garden.

Then the city of Toledo decided to shut off the water.

In the middle of a pandemic there’s no running water. None.

The community has about $5000 to put down as a deposit to get it turned on, but the city of Toledo is refusing. They want $10,000! 🥺

Without the demanded deposit the city has decided to condemn all the homes and our the families out in the street. 💰💰💰

No compromise 😨😳

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