☕Mixing Coffees☕

Hi! Do you truly love coffee? Do you have a favorite brand/flavor/variety?

I mix my own .. I buy whatever is on sale then mix them all together into the most amazing gourmet coffee!!

This picture is just a sampling if what I buy. I also buy Bustello and there are Turkish and Puerto Rican coffees that I love to include for a more robust flavor!!

i have a large plastic bin (about 2 gallons) that I use to hold my unique gourmet mixture. I dump a portion of each coffee in and mix/stir/shake well. The bin sits on top of my fridge with shakers of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice on top! I am ready for any coffee-necessary emergency!!

4 responses to “☕Mixing Coffees☕”

  1. socialworkerangela Avatar

    Yum i love coffee probably too much lol

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  2. I love coffee but not too much as to mix them though lol…it’s been so long sis how are you? Stay blessed & safe! Much love & peace to you! <3

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    1. At first I wasn’t sure about mixing, but it’s worked out so well ☕
      Downside 🥺 I’m too coffee-spoiled to drink it many other places


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